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Network Marketing: make your own mind up

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I do believe that Network Marketing is a true profession: it must be done with professionalism and method to succeed.

After a long and successfuk career in Information Technology I came across Network Marketing. Before devoting myself to this new activity I have documented and, as is often the case today, I have used the network. I have found everything and the opposite of everything: the most beautiful work in the world, attention is a buffalo, who really earns in Network Markeing, is a pyramid, etc. etc ..

At some point, I decided to go further and find out that those who speak badly are the people who mostly experienced a negative experience, own or friends. But why negative?

The conclusion I have come to is that these people did little to achieve their goals, hoping that the very fact of becoming distributors would be enough to become rich. They did not follow any of the training moments, did not observe the performers of their company, did not have a strong motivation.

A recent shared statistic tells that about 70% of people entering Network Marketing did nothing to make it successfull: they involve 0 people in their network and typically abandons after 3/12 months.

20% dedicate themselves to the sale and only casually develop their own team by enrolling 3/5 downlines.

3% create their own network with more than 10 distributors and

Only 2% perform as professional and have a network of at least 30 downlines.

The statistics in question also say that only this 2% reaches their goals.

I do believe that Network Marketing is a true profession: it must be done with professionalism and method to succeed, like any other profession. It's the kind of job that is based on a product and service delivery with a multilevel method.

Which commercial business allows to start with very little money to invest? None but Network Marketing. Then you can become a consumer-distributor and create your own network of consumer-distributors with no particular outlay [100 / $ 200 a month for 4/6 months to buy personalized products]. Furthermore generally speaking you do not have to invest money to get a stock of products: customers buy directly online.

The entrepreneur-distributor earns on the products sold and will receive a commission from the company also depending on his team's business, without affecting the profits of distributors in his network.

Despite the distrust adversely affecting such business is still great, Network Marketing has taken on a dignity of academic respect too, since prestigious universities includes the topic in the study path of Economics Degrees. That simply confirms starting my Network Marketing project is a great opportunity for me and thus can be a good opportunity for many people who have a dream to make it true!

Talking about mistrust ... the first moment is perhaps the most difficult: typically friends and relatives, who should be the first to give you confidence, often eclipse, annoy or buy a product believing that you will be happy unless you continue in path: they do not believe in real opportunities and mostly prefer to continue doing their job without passion. The distrust is probably linked to the low reliability of some companies who have been using the system.

What are the first steps to take when you make your decision about Network Marketing? Personally, my first step was the choice of the Company to join, although I can say “She” and “her” products were choosing me ;). We all have big companies in mind that use the same system and have success stories and reliability behind them: the right information can help us distinguish a serious business from one that is not.

To understand how to trust a company that proposes a network marketing job I was based on a few simple rules:

1. Transparency of the company. Who is behind and which products sells? Who is in the Scientific Board?

2. Education and Training What kind of training is guaranteed to newcomers? What trainings on a regular basis are provided? In my team is the motto "No training no wins". Having a natural aptitude for

interpersonal relationships can help but there are methods that you can / must learn, as for each job.

3. Network and Support.What kind of support is guaranteed? In many companies there is the Sponsor role that is carried out by the person involved in her/his team and She/Heis the first and irreplaceable referrer. The sponsor may be less performing than his downlines [that doens't happen in regular jobs based on hierarchy].

4. Business conduct. How much clarity is there in explaining the remuneration system? Is it a real MLM or a pyramid?

5. Growth trend. All Network Marketing companies have what is called MOMENTUM, the particular moment that characterizes the explosion of organizational numbers, distributors multiply to tens of thousands at a time, the downlines of those who are in business explode, the enthusiasm goes to the stars. Turnover and commissions go up and down and every distributor is projected to top qualifying. Choosing a company of this type is an opportunity but you must know how to exploit it and be very tenacious in products proposition because it is typically a company not yet famous. Otherwise you choose a company that is older and well-known, which had already experienced its MOMENTUM: in this case, perhaps the product proposition is easier, but probably reaching important goals will take longer.

6. Appealing. Do the products really look good to you? Would you recommend them to any of your acquaintances? I do believe the quality of the PRODUCTS is crucial, as it is for all businesses, and adoption of the products with continuity [many companies consider it necessary] is highly recommended to know the benefits in order to share best advise to your customers.

If you reach the end of my article maybe you are you curious about Network Marketing Would you like to get more in-depth and have all the info you need or doubts to remove? Refer to me or other in my network and you'll be able to make your own ming up and decide


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