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Does Network Marketing Work?

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Is this Internet Marketing working for you.


Alan Shaw Build Your Business Online

You’ve likely landed on this article because someone’s approached you with a network marketing company, right?

I totally get it, it’s natural to be sceptical

and concerned with whether or not this industry is the real deal.

Maybe an Amway distributor approached you and showed you the plan and now your wondering does Amway work?

Maybe it was a Herbalife distributor and you’re here wondering does Herbalife work; or maybe it was Xango, or any number of other companies you could have run in to.

If you’ve done your due diligence then you’re obviously aware of the fact that plenty of people out there are making this industry work for them.

The cool thing is they don’t have any super special talents or skills.

They’re normal folks, just like you and me.

There’s no need in this industry to learn things like computer programming, advanced algebra, or anything like that (although certain advanced skills can definitely help you in the marketing arena).

The benefits network marketing can provide are endless, and if you’re willing to plug in and learn the essential skills I promise you CAN build this business.

Ultimately, there are many reasons people come up with not to do this thing and why network marketing does not work for them.

Some Common Examples:

  • I’m not a salesperson.
  • I’m not outgoing, or I’m introverted.
  • What would my family and friends think or my friends won’t want to do this.

But here’s the deal, and I’m going to be honest.

Every one of those reasons is based on one of two psychological factors you need to be aware of:

Self fear, or self doubt.

Let’s admit it, if we all believed we could do it there would be no hesitation right?

I mean, we wouldn’t even worry about whether or not we were introverted, or whether or not we could sell.

And worrying about what other people think is simply raw, unadulterated fear.

I personally can’t get you to BELIEVE something you don’t want to, but I can promise you that it’s possible, regardless of those things mentioned above.

I’ve seen massively introverted people build this business using the internet. Take Mike Dillard for example with his Attraction Marketing, Regardless of your opinion on him, he used the internet to build a massive business under the principles of attraction marketing. Mike used to make millions in this industry, even as an introvert.

I’ve seen people with no sales background come on board and just plain crush it.

And although I don’t know who your family or friends are, my guess is they won’t give two cents about you doing this business as long as you don’t try to cram it down their throats (that’s what happens in many cases which gives this industry a bad name in some circles).

The one thing you need to be aware of with respect to this industry is you need to have the RIGHT training.

Training is going to be of the most crucial aspects of your ability to succeed in network marketing.

With the right training, network marketing DOES work.

The Major Flaw of The Industry

Because network marketing companies focus on running their day-to-day operations it’s up to the distribution force to implement training throughout their organizations.

Although most companies have their own basic training systems, they typically are not enough to ensure a new rep has the requisite skills to be successful.

This is why it’s left up to the distributors to come up with their own methodology to train their new people.

However, one thing you must know is this: network marketers aren’t normally trained to be trainers.

This is why you see such horrific lack of duplication in the industry, combined with high levels of attrition.

So What Do You Do About It?

The best thing to do to ensure you are trained correctly is join the right team.

Make sure if you haven’t found a network marketing team that you vet the right one.

Very few out there have a full understanding of internet marketing, as well as offline marketing. The ones that do however are crushing it.

If you do have a network marketing home, but your Upline is lacking heavily in the marketing department you’re honestly only left with one option: find another mentor.

I didn’t say quit your company though. That’s totally up to you.

But you MUST find another mentor that can TRAIN you to be an effective leader at marketing, preferably using both online marketing and offline marketing strategies.

The downside to this is that you’ll most likely have to pay for that training.

This Sounds Too Complicated:

I know you may be thinking this sounds way too hard, but don’t lose hope.

It’s not complicated at all to learn an advanced skill, it just takes time.

After that it’s easy.

And even if you decide to stop your skill development after learning the initial skills you’ll still be able to build a business if you decide offline is the only way for you.

Check out this awesome article by Forbes if you’re wondering “does MLM work” and see what they’re saying!

So if you are lucky enough and have succeeded in MLM then nothing here will be new to you. You would by now have realised that MLM is an ongoing learning curve that you have mastered.

But for the people who have gone their own way and failed it’s time to get started again, using the knowledge that has brought you this far and taking Training to take you to the next Level.


This is the beginning not the End.


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