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Posted By Federico Ronzani     21 dicembre 2019     201 visite     0 likes    
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The labor, economic and social crisis is there for all to see.

Work is precarious, economic and professional activities have increasingly been inflated and at risk, "retirement" is no longer guaranteed and dissatisfaction is growing ...

The rich are getting richer and the "poor" are more and more every day.

Wouldn't it be better to change the system?

Wouldn't it be better for "wealth" to be distributed on an ever wider basis, rather than accumulating in the pockets of the "usual few"?

How many times have you thought that ... "if I had the money" I would .... or "if I had more time" I would do .....

TIME and MONEY, The two factors that control our life;

The house we live in

The car we drive

The school of our children

The holidays that we can afford and not, etc ...

Imagine for a moment ....

What would change in your life if you were in control of these two factors rather than being controlled by them?

And especially; what quality of life could you offer yourself and your family? ...

It is also possible for you, now, to create your own economic independence and be FINANCIALLY FREE without depending on the decisions of others!



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